Broad, modern and transparent dissemination and communication

Dernière mise à jour le : 28/02/2023

Disseminate and communicate by adopting common rules in the Official Statistical Service (SSP) to strengthen consistency and gradually build a SSP brand identity. Common rules will be established, disseminated and implemented, such as revision and error correction policies. It will also be necessary to ensure that access to statistics is facilitated, both by continuously improving web-browsing conditions and by opening up access to open data as much as possible, in particular via a single API that will allow users to automate the collection of streaming data. This axis also marks the SSP's interest in developing the use of useful communication channels to reach different categories of users. In particular, social networks will be the subject of special attention, and as with all areas of development, a charter for the professional use of social networks will also be drawn up as the basis for a genuine employee advocacy strategy.