Documented, optimised and secure processes

Dernière mise à jour le : 28/02/2023

Process improvement is the core of this second axis. The aim is to :

  • documenting them to ensure the best possible transmission and capitalisation of knowledge,
  • developing quality approaches targeted as a priority on the steps of the process most exposed to risk or presenting major challenges for the official statistical service. This involves, in particular, the implementation of regular process reviews and modular quality approaches adapted to needs.
  • continuing to invest in data control and validation systems by proposing quality actions and indicators at the various steps of the production process and by focusing on the determinants of the quality expected or quality to be achieved in view of users' needs.
  • strengthening statistical secrecy, confidentiality and data security. In a context of expanding the databases used by official statistics and disseminating them at increasingly fine levels to meet user needs, investments will be made to strengthen the tools for handling statistical secrecy and data confidentiality. Training will also be provided to staff to anchor this common culture.