Producer Price Indices  Insee Méthodes n° 140 - September 2021

Marie Cordier-Villoing


Dernière mise à jour le : 15/03/2022
Marie Cordier-Villoing

The system for observing producer prices is old: it is largely the successor of the “wholesale price indices” calculated in France for industry since 1911, which became the “industrial sales price indices” in 1977. The survey part of the system was renamed OPISE (“Observation des Prix de l’Industrie et des SErvices” [observation of prices in industry and services]) in the late 1990s when the first producer price indices for business-to-business services were added to the producer price indices for industry.

This survey system has two distinct collection phases, which are conducted in parallel: the continuous renewal of the sample of products and services being monitored, and the monthly or quarterly collection of price changes from the companies for the sampled products and services.