Users’ Needs

Considering users’ needs contributes to ensuring the relevance of the statistics produced.

Dernière mise à jour le :16/01/2020

The National Council for Statistical Information (CNIS)

The CNIS, governed by Ouvrir dans un nouvel ongletDecree No 2009-318 of 20 March 2009, is responsible for coordinating between the producers and users of official statistics to identify the needs of actors with a view to understanding society in the social and economic fields. On this basis, and in response to requests originating from the European Union and French institutions, the Official Statistical Service determines its work programme, informs the CNIS thereof and carries it out.

Survey on the Quality of INSEE’s Statistical Outputs

To improve the services it provides to its users, INSEE has carried out a satisfaction survey on the quality of its statistical products.

The survey on the quality of INSEE’s statistical products aims to assess users’ perceptions of its products. The questionnaire focused both on the overall output of the institute and on its flagship outputs: unemployment rate, legal populations of municipalities, quarterly gross domestic product, business creation and consumer price index.

Users assess their level of satisfaction based on five quality criteria drawn from the Code of Practice:

  • Relevance: meeting the needs of users;
  • Accuracy and Reliability: statistics accurately and reliably portray reality;
  • Timeliness and Punctuality: statistics are released in a timely and punctual manner;
  • Coherence and Comparability: European statistics are consistent internally, over time and comparable between regions and countries; it is possible to combine and make joint use of related data from different data sources;
  • Accessibility and Clarity: European statistics are presented in a clear and understandable form, released in a suitable and convenient manner, available and accessible on an impartial basis with supporting metadata and guidance.

Other Satisfaction Surveys:

Satisfaction surveys are a means of measuring satisfaction with INSEE’s products and services among its various stakeholders.