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Economie et Statistique, published by Insee, was founded in 1969. Initially monthly and aimed at disseminating the work of the statisticians and researchers of the Institute, the journal is now widely open onto the contributions of researchers from other horizons and has evolved into an academic journal. There are eight issues a year, which may be grouped in double or triple special issues.

Articles are published under the responsibility of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Insee or other institutions.

In 2017, from the issue number 491-492, Economie et Statistique becomes Economie et Statistique / Economics and Statistics

Publisher: Insee

ISSN 0336-1454; e-ISSN 1777-5574

Manuscripts can be submitted in French and in English and all the articles are published online simultaneously in French and in English. Each issue is available on the Insee website, immediately at the moment of the publication and on a free basis. This immediate and free online access gives the articles a high visibility.

The printed version is in French only.

Aims and Scope

Economie et Statistique / Economics and Statistics publishes articles covering any micro- or macro- economic or sociological topic, either using data from public statistics or other sources. The journal also publishes articles dedicated to statistical or econometric methods of interest for applied research in economics and social sciences. Economie et Statistique / Economics and Statistics, a journal of statisticians and economic and social researchers, is also aimed at contributing to the economic and social debate by providing analyses of high quality in their scientific approach and accessible to readers not necessarily specialists on the topics or methods implemented in articles.

Scientific Committee

Created in 2003, the Scientific Committee yearly review of published issues and contributes to the definition of the journal editorial strategy. Its members are:

  • Jacques Le Cacheux, President (University of Pau and pays de l’Adour)
  • Jérôme Bourdieu (Paris School of Economics)
  • Pierre Cahuc (Sciences Po)
  • Gilbert Cette (Banque de France and Aix-Marseille School of Economics)
  • Yannick L'Horty (University of Paris Est-Marne La Vallée)
  • Daniel Oesch (Life Course and Inequality Research Centre (LINES) and Institute of Social Sciences-University of Lausanne)
  • Katheline Schubert (Paris School of Economics - University of Paris 1)
  • Claudia Senik (University of Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne and Paris School of Economics)
  • Louis-André Vallet (Observatoire Sociologique du Changement - Sciences Po/CNRS)
  • François-Charles Wolff (University of Nantes)
  • Sophie Ponthieux (Insee, Editor-in-Chief)

Advisory Editorial Board

Created in 2013, the Advisory Editorial Board assists the Editor-in-Chief in the selection of articles. Its members are :

  • Luc Arrondel (Paris School of Economics)
  • Lucio Baccaro (Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies-Cologne and Department of Sociology-University of Geneva)
  • Antoine Bozio (Institut des Politiques Publiques / Paris School of Economics)
  • Clément Carbonnier (Thema / University of Cergy-Pontoise and LIEPP-Sciences Po, Associate Editor)
  • Erwan Gautier (Banque de France and University of Nantes)
  • Pauline Givord (OECD and Crest)
  • Florence Jusot (University of Paris-Dauphine, Leda-Legos and IRDES)
  • François Legendre (University of Paris Est-Créteil)
  • Claire Lelarge (Université Paris-Sud, Paris-Saclay and Crest)
  • Claire Loupias (Direction Générale du Trésor)
  • Pierre Pora (Insee)
  • Ariell Reshef (Paris School of Economics, Centre d'économie de la Sorbonne (CES) and CEPII)
  • Thepthida Sopraseuth (Thema / University of Cergy-Pontoise)

Title History

Economie et Statistique from N°1 (1969) to N°490 (2016) - ISSN 0336-1454 - e-ISSN e-1777-5574

Economie et Statistique / Economics and Statistics from N°491-492 (2017) - ISSN 0336-1454 - e-ISSN 1777-5574

All the issues and articles are available online :

  • for issues published since September 2001, on the Insee website
  • for earlier issues, on the archive portal to Insee publications Epsilon.

Abstracting and Indexing

Economie et Statistique / Economics and Statistics is available on the French portal Persée

The journal is also indexed in Repec and in the database EconLit of journals referenced by the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL).


Economie et Statistique / Economics and Statistics is a category 3 journal in the CNRS ranking and a category B journal in the HCERES ranking.

Submissions and Guidelines for Authors


Manuscripts can be submitted either in French or in English; they should be sent to the editorial team (, preferably in MS-Word format. The manuscript must be original work and not submitted at the same time to any other journal. The standard length of an article is of about 10,000 words (including boxes if needed, tables and figures, appendices, bibliography, but not counting online appendices if any). Manuscripts of more than 11,500 words will not be considered.

Submissions must include two separate files:

  • A one-page file providing: the title of the article; the first name, name, affiliation-s (at most two), e-mail et postal addresses of each author; an abstract of maximum 160 words (about 1,050 characters including spaces), briefly presenting the research question, data and methodology, and the main conclusions; JEL codes and a few keywords; acknowledgements if any.
  • An anonymised manuscript (including the main text, illustrations, bibliography and appendices if any), with the first page including only the title, abstract, JEL codes and keywords on the front page.

Proposals that meet the journal objectives are reviewed by two to three referees (“double-blind” review). The articles may be subject to editorial work aimed at improving their readability and formal presentation.

Articles accepted for publication will have to be presented according to the guidelines for authors.

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