Papers related to the 9th conference - Association de Comptabilité Nationale

Paris the 21 and 22 of November 2001

INSEE and official statistics
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Session 1: Measurement Issues

Chairperson: Jacques Mairesse

  • Did the U.S. have a New Economy?

Jack Triplett (The Brookings Institution - USA)

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  • ICT Dissemination and Economic Growth: France 1980-2000

Gilbert Cette, Jacques Mairesse, Yusuf Kocoglu (Banque de France, Université d'Aix, Crest)

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  • Definitions and measures of ICT impact on growth: What really is at stake

Hélène Baudchon et Olivier Brossard (OFCE, Université de Savoie - France)

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  • ICT Deflation and Growth: a Sensitivity Analysis

Prabhat Vaze (ONS - RU)

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  • The debate surrounding the new economy: an approach for an analysis

F. Lera, M. Billon, N. Hernandez (Universités espagnoles)

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Session 2: International Comparisons

Chairperson: Jean-Philippe Lesne

  • ICT and productivity growth in the UK

Nick Oulton (Bank of England - UK)

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  • ICT Investment and Economic Growth in the 1990's in nine OECD Countries

Alessandra Colecchia et Paul Schreyer (OCDE - France)

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  • New economy and ICTs: measurement problems and the Italian case

S. Iammarino, C. Jona Lasinio et S. Mantegazza (ISTAT- Italie)

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Round Table: "Better Measurement for a Better Comprehension"

Chairperson: Henri Guillaume

With: Yves Franchet (EUROSTAT), Enrico Giovannini (OECD), Patrice Roussel (INSEE), Jack Triplett (The Brookings Institution), André Vanoli (ACN)

Session 3 et 4: Controversies on the New Economy

Chairperson: Jean Gadrey

Session 3

  • Accounting for new economy

John Kay (Économiste - UK)

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  • How new is New Economy? Flow of Funds Perspective: the 1997 - 1999 Italian Evidence

G.Ferrari, C. Gagliardi, P. Ganugi, G. Gozzi (Italian Universities)

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  • New Economy and its Special Impact to National Accounts in Germany

Susanne Schnorr-Baecker (Stat Bundesamt IA - Allemagne)

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  • Structural change and technology. A long view

Bart Verspagen (Eindhoven University - NL)

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  • Will the real economy please rise?

Patrick Vanhoudt (Banque Européenne d'Investissement - Luxembourg)

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Session 4

  • The Effect of Computer Networks on US Manufacturing Productivity

Barbara Atrostic, Sang Nguyen (Bureau of Census - USA)

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  • Classifications Revision and the Content Sector

Marc Aufrant, Jean-Marie Nivlet (SJTI - France)

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  • Information Sector : Toward a 2007 Classification

Émile Bruneau, Michel Lacroix (INSEE)

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ACN's General Assembly - Papers not submitted to discussion

  • Measuring the New Economy: Trade and Investment Dimensions

Olivier Cattaneo (OCDE-France)

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