Papers related to the 12th conference - Association de Comptabilité Nationale

Paris the 4, 5 and 6 of June 2008

INSEE and official statistics
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Session 1: Beyond GDP, searching for composite indicators - Taking into account different aspects of well-being

Chairperson: Enrico Giovannini, chef statisticien de l'OCDE

  • « Commission Stiglitz »: what is going on?

Jean-Etienne Chapron (INSEE - rapporteur général)

Abstract (pdf, 8 Ko)

  • Measuring living standards: income equivalence and other approaches

Marc Fleurbaey (Université de Paris 5, CNRS)

Abstract (pdf, 43 Ko)

  • Looking for well-being : What can we learn from subjective satisfaction?

Vincent Marcus (INSEE - Département des études économiques d'ensemble)

Abstract (pdf, 19 Ko)

  • Measuring well-being and its evolution in France: An empirical approach based on individual data

Cédric Afsa Essafi (INSEE - Département des études économiques d'ensemble)

Abstract (pdf, 19 Ko)

Session 2: The 2008 update of the SNA 1993

Chairperson: Gérard Klotz, Université Lyon II et Institut des sciences humaines, UMR Triangle CNRS

  • The 2008 update of the SNA 1993: Organisation and timetable

Paul Schreyer (OCDE)

  • The 2008 update of the SNA 1993: Main changes and discussed issues

Jacques Magniez (INSEE)

Abstract (pdf, 11 Ko)

  • Comment

André Vanoli (Chairman of the ACN)

Abstract (pdf, 12 Ko)

  • The revision from a financial point of view

Dominique Durant (Banque de France)

  • SNA 2023: Long-term research agenda

François Lequiller (INSEE)

Abstract (pdf, 10 Ko)

Session 3: Beyond GDP, searching for composite indicators - Taking into account environment and sustainable development

Chairperson: Roger Guesnerie, Collège de France

  • What are Public Statistics doing in the field of sustainable development?

Laurent Gasnier, Sylvie Le Laidier (INSEE - Département des comptes nationaux)

Abstract (pdf, 12 Ko)

  • Accounting for Ecosystems and their Services

Jean-Louis Weber (Agence européenne pour l'environnement)

Abstract (pdf, 19 Ko)

  • The concept of genuine saving and the measure of sustainable development

Antoine de Masson d'Autume, Katheline Schubert (Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

Abstract (pdf, 11 Ko)

  • Potentialities and limits of an approach in terms of sustainable development indicators ?

Michel David (Institut français de l'environnement IFEN)

Abstract (pdf, 19 Ko)

Session 4: Globalisation, statistics and National Accounts

Chairperson: Henri Sterdyniak, OFCE

  • Globalisation: A Challenge for National Statistics and National Accounts

Peter Van de Ven (CBS, Pays-Bas)

Abstract (pdf, 18 Ko)

Text (pdf, 70 Ko)

  • SNA, globalisation and the trouble with services

William Cave (OCDE, Paris)

Abstract (pdf, 9 Ko)

  • New global industrial economy, international trade and value added: Statistical and accounting implications

Hubert Escaith, Organisation Mondiale du Commerce

Abstract (pdf, 11 Ko)

  • Globalisation and the measure of property income between France and the rest of the world: The case for dividends

Marc-Alain Bahuchet et Pierre Sicsic (Banque de France)

Abstract (pdf, 12 Ko)

Session 5: Macro-economic Modeling and National Accounts

Chairperson: Jacques Mairesse, Crest

  • Statistical treatment of national account data and economic analysis

Stéphane Gregoir (EDHEC, France)

Abstract (pdf, 14 Ko)

  • Trade modeling in the National Bank of France's forecasting model of the Euro zone economy: Why and how we separate intra- and extra-zone trade

Hélène Poncet, Nicolas Maggiar (Banque de France)

Abstract (pdf, 11 Ko)

  • Building a "household-sub-categories accounting system" using French Micro and Macro statistics

Maryse Fesseau, Emilie Raynaud, Sylvie Le Laidier, Jacques Bournay (INSEE)

Abstract (pdf, 11 Ko)

  • Estimating value added and employment generated by a particular industry within national accounts' framework : The case of health care in France

Charles Pilarski (INSEE), Alexandre Bourgeois (DREES)

Abstract (pdf, 12 Ko)