Documentation on key figures

The key figures provide the essential results of the census, territory by territory, via a themed search. The key figure databases all contain data to calculate the results for customised zones.

Some data is presented as trends, mainly on the basis of a comparison with the results of the 1999 population census.

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Key figure data sheets

Tables and graphs provide the essential results for a given zone in the form of counts, percentages and calculated indicators. The data that is displayed may be exported in Excel format.

Key figures are available for all the zones of the following geographical levels:

  • municipality or municipal district for Paris, Lyon and Marseille;
  • canton-or-city (pseudo-canton),district;
  • department;
  • region;
  • public inter-municipal cooperation establishment (EPCI) with its own taxation;
  • rance, Metropolitan France, provincial France
  • ployment zone, urban unit, urban area (2010 boundaries);

For zones of less than 2,000 inhabitants, some tables and graphs are not published. The accuracy of such results coming from the complementary processing of census data is not sufficient.

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For territories in Overseas Departments (DOM), some tables have been adapted and have a specific presentation.

Key figure databases

Each database provides the counts required for each municipality in France, and for the municipal districts of Paris, Lyon and Marseille, to calculate the key figures for customised selections of municipalities.

Specific documentation is included in each themed database. It provides the definitions required to understand the statistics presented in the database and the formulae used to calculate the indicators.

The key figure databases are made available in Excel format. Database user instructions are available in “Help using the databases”.

Geography and territorial modifications

he data for year n is presented in accordance with the geographical boundaries in force on 1st January of year n+2. Any territorial modifications are described in the display of the key figures.

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