National security Statistical Department

INSEE and official statistics
Dernière mise à jour le : 26/06/2015

The Ministerial Internal Security Statistical Department (SSMSI) of the French Ministry of the Interior is the Ministerial Statistical Office in the areas of internal security and crime.

Main missions

The SSMSI deals with the centralisation, monitoring, processing and dissemination of data on criminality and crime recorded by the police and gendarmerie.

It provides government cabinets, general and central departments and local units of the police and gendarmerie with useful information and statistical analysis for defining, contextualising, regionalising, managing and assessing security policies.

It disseminates statistical information on the topics of internal security and crime to the general public, which is based on surveys or administrative data.

Statistical production

Since October 2015 the SSMSI has been responsible for the production and dissemination of monthly statistical indicators on offences recorded by the security forces (police and gendarmerie), which will provide public statistics and a localised picture on the proportion of crime known to these services.

It is involved in the design and exploitation of surveys by the official statistics authorities measuring the number and characteristics of victims of crime (victim surveys).

Studies and forecasting

The SSMSI conducts studies to aid understanding of criminal activity and analyse its changing patterns and locations. These studies mainly aim to guide and evaluate public policies in this area.


As of October 2015, the SSMSI has disseminated on the internet its productions, studies and key figures from other statistical sources of reference in its field of competence.

In compliance with the rules on statistical confidentiality, it will provide researchers with anonymised, detailed databases on criminal acts recorded by the security forces.

Status in institution

The Ministerial Internal Security Statistical Department is under the joint authority of the Director General of the National Police and the Director General of the National Gendarmerie, which are the two directorates within the Ministry of the Interior in charge of protecting the population against crime and searching for perpetrators. It reports to the Central Director of the judicial police whose duties, besides the fight against serious and specialised crime, are to analyse crimes and their trends for all security forces.