Youth Affairs and Sports Ministerial Statistical Department

INSEE and official statistics
Dernière mise à jour le : 26/06/2015

The Youth Affairs and Sports Ministerial Statistical Department consists of the "Analyses, Reports and Statistics Section (MEOS) at the Ministry of Urban affairs, youth and sport. Its main areas of statistics-gathering and study are: sports and cultural practices, sports economics, sports-related occupations and jobs, vacation and recreational centers, sports associations, youth membership organisations, diplomas issued by the Ministry, and sports facilities.

Main missions

MEOS develops and implements a studies and statistics program whose results will provide insights for Ministry policy. It coordinates the Ministry's statistical work and, among other tasks, ensures the methodological harmonisation of statistical and analytical projects. MEOS also contributes to the definition, development, and coordination of the Ministry's information system.

Statistical production

Statistical work covers sports, youth and community education, associations, and jobs and training programs in these areas. These statistical projects are based on surveys of households and sports federations (for sports licenses) or on extraction of data from administrative sources (diplomas issued, vacation centers, jobs).

Studies and forecasting

In addition to producing statistics, MEOS conducts analyses on decision-making and management assistance at the request of other Ministry departments. It can perform or commission assessments and forward-planning studies. It prepares the economic satellite accounts of the sports sector.


MEOS acts as editor-in-chief of publications that present the Ministry's statistical production, studies, and assessments.

Status in institution

MEOS is a section in the Personnel and Administration Directorate.