The Higher education and research Ministerial Statistics Department

INSEE and official statistics
Dernière mise à jour le : 26/06/2015

The Higher education and research Ministerial Statistical Department comprises all the Information Systems and Statistical Studies (SIES) sections of the Ministry for Higher Education and Research.

This division is one of the three entities shared by the two Directorate General of the Ministry, the DGESIP (Directorate General for Higher Education and Professional Integration) and the DGRI (Directorate General for Research and Innovation).

Main missions

The ministerial statistical department is responsible for devising and managing the statistical information system for higher education and research and the dissemination of the corresponding results.

Through the studies it conducts or oversees and the indicators it produces, and in liaison with the directorates and bodies concerned, it contributes to the analysis and evaluation of the higher education and research system.

It is also in charge of managing the ministry information systems, which is an asset in the use of administrative data for statistical purposes.

Statistical production

The higher education statistical system generally collects information on an annual basis. The management applications include the information required for statistical studies and use standardised nomenclatures: the student censuses are mainly performed via computerised file returns, although this does not avoid the need for painstaking verification and adjustment work. Data is collected on establishments, enrolments and examination success rates.

The ministerial statistical department monitors student classes in order to follow their paths and their study conditions and to collect family-related and social information that can be linked to success in higher education. It coordinates a wide-ranging system of surveys on the professional integration of graduates.

The research information system relies on management data, but also on a set of surveys conducted on businesses, public bodies, associations, local authorities and administrations, aiming to describe the research and development effort in France, among other things in terms of human and financial means.

Other management data (monitoring of research teams in universities, human resources, financial accounts, etc.) are used to enrich knowledge of the higher education and research sector.

The ministerial statistical department produces international statistics in the higher education and research field - at European level for Eurostat, but also for the OECD and UNESCO.

Studies, forecasts and indicators

The ministerial statistical department conducts general studies and analyses. It provides data and indicators (student numbers, success rates, etc.) that broadly condition the allocation of financing to the higher education operators.

It is a stakeholder in the elaboration and calculation of performance indicators within the ministry.

These data and indicators are placed at the disposal of the main protagonists in the higher education and research system via a set of themed fascicles and, little by little, via an extranet portal.


The data dissemination system is based on a collection of publications put online as soon as they are published, the Notes d'Information on higher education and research, and on the annual works, namely Statistical References, the Status of Higher Education and Research, and the Atlas of Student Numbers.

Status in institution

The fact that the subdivision belongs to the two General Directorates of the Ministry for Higher Education and Research gives it a central role and close proximity to the requesters. This proximity is strengthened by the competency of the subdivision in respect of the information systems.

The ministerial statistical department is very close to the Education ministerial statistical department and the DEPP as a whole, and they have competency over the entire educational system (education accounts, shared information centres, nomenclatures, international relations in the domain of education and higher education).