Customs Ministerial Statistical Department

INSEE and official statistics
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The Customs Ministerial Statistical Department is the division of Statistics and Economic Studies (DSEE) at the Directorate-General of Customs and Excise in the Ministry of Finance and public accounts. It monitors French merchandise trade.

Main missions

DSEE defines statistical policy in the area of external trade. It is very active in defining norms and standards, and compiles French trade figures. It performs studies and analyses on both economic and customs-related issues.

Statistical production

DSEE develops statistical regulations for merchandise customs clearance and intra-EU merchandise trade. It determines collection procedures, particularly concerning electronic data interchange. It provides functional oversight of a computing center, the Directorate External-Trade Statistics Directorate (DNSCE), and five collection units called Inter-Regional Data-Capture Centers (CISDs).

DSEE participates in international cooperation on customs classification. It contributes to the development and labeling of software for merchandise trade declarations and to the development of international standards.

The bulk of the Department's statistical production consists of trade figures (imports and exports in value and volume terms, by product and country).

Studies and forecasting

DSEE produces analyses on external trade. It prepares studies and analyses on economic and customs-related topics for its own use, for other divisions, and in partnership with other government agencies in the economic sphere.


DSEE handles dissemination policy, including publications and data retrieval and processing tools. Its specific tasks include :

  • defining software applications for database queries (BEANET, ASTRID)
  • designing new dissemination products (online, on CD-ROMs, etc.)
  • analyzing, publishing, and disseminating the monthly trade figures
  • preparing annual and quarterly publications

It also manages the Directorate-General's statistical information center and runs a network of regional statistical correspondents.

DSEE disseminates France's monthly trade-balance figures. The comments on current developments are enhanced on the website by access to a database via personalized queries.

Status in institution

DSEE is a part of the Directorate-General of Customs and Excise. The division comprises three units: "Economic Studies and Dissemination", "Statistical Regulations and Classifications" and "Statistical Production and Information System".