Defence Ministerial Statistical Department

INSEE and official statistics
Dernière mise à jour le : 26/06/2015

The Defence Ministerial Statistical Department and the armaments sector is the Economic Section for Defence (OED) at the Defence Ministry.

Main missions

OED exercises its competence in the field of armed forces and defence-sector enterprises. It collects, compiles, and summarizes information of use to Ministry officials. It also conducts economic studies.

Statistical production

OED prepares a comprehensive annual census of the Defence Ministry's civilian and military personnel using individual payroll data. Portions of this processed statistical information are communicated to INSEE in aggregated form.

OED tracks financial data on defense procurement contracts and manages a database, called SANDIE, on enterprises operating in the defence sector.

It produces the defence satellite account, a macroeconomic summary of data from the field based on the national accounts. It also compares government expenditure with production of armaments companies.

On behalf of the Ministry Financial Affairs Directorate (DAF), OED monitors issues concerning the fiscal treatment of employee compensation and pensions paid by the Defence Ministry within the framework of the new Constitutional Bylaw on Budget Acts (LOLF).

The Observatory also tabulates imports and exports of military equipment.

Studies and forecasting

OED monitors the defence sector economic environment and developments in the armaments market both in France and internationally. It conducts and commissions analyses and studies in the defense sphere, in liaison with academics and research centers.

OED also comprises a financial-engineering unit that analyzes specific financial issues such as hedging risks related to raw-materials supply and energy sources.


The confidentiality of defence data justifies a restricted dissemination of statistical results and analytical findings. The OED Secretary-General represents the Ministry at the National Committee Statistical Information (a French ESAC like body).

In this capacity, in addition to enforcing defence classification rules, the Secretary-General ensures statistical confidentiality, particularly in the release of statistical data to research organisations.

It disseminates the results of these studies through a series of publications and on-line statistics.

Status in institution

OED reports directly to the Financial Affairs Directorate (DAF), which monitors budgeting, accounting, tax, and customs issues. DAF is a unit of the Ministry's General Secretariat for Administration.

OED also acts as secretariat general for the Defence Economic Council (CED), an organisation directly linked to the Defence Ministry. Its mission is to issue annual economic proposals based on economic analysis and data summaries.