Agriculture Ministerial Statistical Department

INSEE and official statistics
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The Agriculture Ministerial Statistical Department consists of the Office of Statistics and Prospective analysis (SSP) in the Secretariat-General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood industry and Forest and the regional services for statistical and economic information (SRISE) implanted in the Regional offices of Agriculture, Agrifood industry and Forest (DRAAF).

Main missions

SSP with the support of SRISEs compiles, processes, analyses, and disseminates statistical data on agriculture, food industries, forestry and land use.

SSP is also responsible for coordinating and promoting the development of Ministry's work on economic, social and environmental issues. It is notably in charge of programming and monitoring studies and conducts evaluation and forecasting work for the Ministry.

Statistical production

SSP conducts regularly surveys with farms and food-processing companies, to comply with European regulations and satisfy needs expressed at the national level.

These surveys focus on farms structure, vegetable and animal productions, agricultural practices, agricultural holdings accounts, production and marketing of the food-processing companies, raw materials used in the animal feed, energy consumption and production. Periodically, a census of holdings is conducted in an European framework. An annual survey based on in situ observations allows to measure the occupation and the use of land.

For its statistical work, SSP uses administrative documents such as application forms for subsidies under the EU Agricultural Policy or the national cattle identification system. In liaison with INSEE, SSP prepares the agriculture-sector accounts and a large number of economic indices including for wholesale food prices, input prices, and producer prices of agricultural products. SSP produces balance sheets for agrifood supply chains.

Under the Annual Agricultural Statistics programme, the SSP compiles agricultural-production data that are consistent at the French department, regional, and national levels.

Analysis and forecasting

SSP is responsible for programming, following-up and promoting analyses for the Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood industry and Forest. It is in charge of business intelligence and prospective analyses, leads and coordinates the evaluation work of the ministry. SSP and the SRISEs regularly disseminate short-term forecasts and economic analyses. This work aim to provide policy makers in Agriculture, Agrifood industry or Forest with information to base their decisions. These analyses build on evidence from agricultural statistics.


SSP and Srises publications are available on the Agreste website and, for the oldest ones, on Epsilon, the warehouse of electronic official statistics publications. Detailed statistics are also available and a Web App (called DISAR) produces customised multi-dimensional tables. Specific requests are processed by the Data Dissemination section in SSP for national requests and by SRISEs for regional or local requests.

Status in institution

The Office of Statistics and prospective analysis (SSP) is a department in the Secretariat-General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood and Forest.

SSP is organized into three divisions and two transversal sections. In addition to the Data Dissemination section and to the Statistical and IT Methods section, the three divisions are: the Agriculture, Forestry and Agrifood Statistics division, the Statistical Analyses and Income division and the Evaluation and Forecasting division. SSP has offices in Toulouse, Beauvais and Paris.

The regional services for Statistical and Economical Information (SRISE) are located in DRAAFs. They generally include three units: a statistics unit in charge of carrying out the surveys, an economic analysis unit in charge of business trends analysis, a studies and dissemination unit.