The INSEE budget

The INSEE budget is included in appropriations from the Economy Mission of the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs.

INSEE and official statistics
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In addition to credit allocations for staff, the budget includes the funding needed to produce their studies, to cover the Institute's operating costs and also the allowance paid to the municipalities to carry out the population census.

INSEE's budget in 2016

Initial Budget Law 2016 In millions of euros
Staff budget 371,9
Operating budget 43,6
Investment budget 0,7
Intervention budget 21,4
Total 437,5

Initial Budget Law 2016

Allocation of budget by activity

in millions of euros
(in millions of euros)
Allocation of budget by activity
Statistical infrastructure 135,1
Corporate information and syntheses 53,1
Demographic and social information 67,7
Support 125,5
Regional action 56,8