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  • Agriculture: farm income and production, farm holdings, fisheries
  • Economy: general economy, currency - financial markets, public finance, foreign trade
  • Economic outlook: economic indicators, daily economic monitor, economic analysis, economic and financial data
  • Education: students, educational institutions, and teachers, degrees - training, education expenditures
  • Enterprises: business demography, characteristics of enterprises and local units, large enterprises and local units, craft industries, innovation
  • Geography: countries, European cities, world cities, french regions, départements, and cities, environment
  • Health: healthcare workers and facilities, diseases - accidents - drugs, healthcare expenditures
  • Income - Wages: wages and salaries, income - living standards - heritage, poverty, pensions, social protection and welfare
  • Industries - Food Industries - Construction: manufacturing, food industries, energy, construction
  • Labour - Employment: employment - labour force, public service, employement characteristics, unemployment
  • Living standards - Society: household consumption and ownership rates, housing, justice, holidays - leisure, political and social life
  • National accounts - Public finances: gross domestic product (GDP) and main economic aggregates, income, purchasing power and household consumption, public finance, non-financial corporation and unincorporated enterprises, quarterly national accounts, annual national accounts
  • Population: population change and structure, births - fertility, deaths - mortality - life expectancy, couples - families - households, foreigners - immigrants
  • Services - Tourism - Transportation : characteristics of services, business services, personal services, real estate services, tourism, transportation
  • Wholesale and retail trade: characteristics of wholesale/retail trade, automobile trade and repair, retailing, wholesaling

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The information provided in this section is classified by theme and sub-theme. Within each theme, the list of documents can be refined according to type of product and geographical level.