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Publications and services

Consult the collections and publications of the INSEE

  • National collections: presentation of all the INSEE collections and free access to the content.
  • Regional collections: when you have chosen the region you are interested in, the editorial for that region will be displayed.
  • Thematic reports: key figures and detailed data, analysis and methodology on current topics.
  • Insee en bref: INSEE statistics presented simply.

Other INSEE products

  • Detailed files: the detailed files proposed on this site are electronic databases containing anonymous, individual records relating to surveys or censuses carried out by the INSEE.
  • Customised products: at your request, the INSEE can construct tables that are not placed online and which you cannot put together yourself using the information that is available free of charge on the site.

Interactive animations

  • Interactive animations: statistics presented in a new way - pyramids, customised inflation simulator, mapping, etc.

Services and subscriptions

  • The services: the FAQ, the "Help" section and forms to get in touch with us, submit claims or make suggestions.
  • Subscriptions: to subscribe to national or regional electronic newsletters, publication information notices and RSS feeds.

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See also

  • Epsilon: to get access to the digital publications warehouse of the French official statistics bodies.
  • Online shopping: To buy INSEE publications and products