Employment, unemployment, earned income2017 Edition

In this second edition of INSEE Références Employment, unemployment, earned income, INSEE and the Official Statistical Service present a set of analyses and indicators covering the labour market.

Paru le : 12/07/2017

Sheets - Introduction – Employment, unemployment, earned income – Insee Références - Edition 2017

This publication brings together the key indicators needed to analyse employment, unemployment and earned income. Over time, the range of available sources of information about the labour market has broadened considerably to meet the need for short-term and structural knowledge, and to provide relevant international comparisons, especially at European level. The many different resulting indicators shed light on the mechanisms at work in this complex and highly varied field. Each source, whether from household surveys or business surveys or constructed from administrative files, refers to specific concepts and applies its own methodology for observing and estimating indicators. Each one therefore has its advantages or its limitations which must be taken into account in the analyses. In an Appendix entitled “Sources and methods” key concepts are explained, topic by topic, with their sources and how they have been measured.

Paru le : 12/07/2017