Franchise networks very visible on the business scene

Julien Fraichard, division Commerce, Insee, Corine Troïa, Insee Midi-Pyrénées

For the last 30 years or so, franchise networks have occupied a large space on the business scene in France. Three types of franchise network predominate in the retail trade: in 2006, 52 % of turnover of networks was achieved by points of sale owned outright by the head of the network, 33 % by members of a group and 9 % by independents under franchise agreement. Certain commercial sectors are organised according to a kind of preferential network: integrated networks dominate in terms of turnover in home fittings and domestic appliances, whilst groups of independents dominate in supermarkets; the car and car repair trade operates with trademark licence networks. In contrast, mixed franchise networks are present in all sectors. In most cases, heads of networks belong to groups of corporations, confirming the essential place this type of organisation has at the centre of distribution channels.

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No 1140
Paru le : 19/06/2007