Living standards in 2006

Luc Goutard, Insee Bretagne Jérôme Pujol, division Revenus et patrimoine des ménages, Insee

According to the new income survey, in 2006 half of France’s residents had an annual income of less than €17,600. In comparison with 2005, this standard of living index has improved by 1.7% in constant euro. The best-off 10% have an annual income of at least €33,190. The working population as a whole (people with a job and the unemployed) had an average standard of living comparable to that of pensioners. 13.2% of the population was poor in 2006; their income is less than €880 per month, which corresponds to 60% of the median standard of living. Poverty affects 30% of single-parent families, generally consisting of a mother and her children. It is in towns with a population of more than 20,0000, outside of greater Paris, that the poverty rate is highest.

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Paru le : 18/07/2008