- Company and employment creation: impact over three years

Virginie Fabre et Roselyne Kerjosse, division Administration du répertoire Sirene et démographie des entreprises, Insee

In 2005, two out of three creators were still in charge of the company they had founded in 2002. These 138,000 so-called long-lasting companies then employed 361,000 people. Thus, despite a third of these companies going out of business, 92 % of the volume of the employment created in 2002 still existed in 2005; it even increased by 16 % in the transport sector and 9 % in the personal services sector. The business mortality rate has led to a drop in non-salaried employment while salaried employment has risen by 30 % in the long-lasting companies, resulting in an overall gain of 53,000 employees. In reality, only a quarter of these companies, i.e. 37,000, increased the number of people they employed. These were most often companies that showed a wish to expand their project and recruit staff from the beginning. Other factors in the growth of these companies were the company format, the size of the investment, and the spouse's participation in the life of the company. Over the three-year period, these 37,000 companies creating salaried employment still remained very small: only one out of ten had passed the threshold of ten employees since its creation, but one out of four planned to increase the number of employees in the short term.

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Paru le : 12/07/2007