Salaries in companies in 2005: a slight recovery

Sabine Bessière et Stéphanie Depil, Insee

In 2005, in companies in the private and semi-public sector, the average monthly salary for a full-time job amounted to 2,513 euros gross and 1,904 euros net of all deductions at source. Taking into account the 1.8 % rise in consumer prices in 2005, the average net salary rose by 1.0 % in constant euros between 2004 and 2005, after remaining unchanged between 2003 and 2004. Despite the new rise in guaranteed minimum wage rates (+3.6 % in constant euros) there has been little change in the salary range. While the impact of this change is mainly seen at the bottom rungs of the salary ladder, there has been an increase in net salaries for all salaried employees: the first decile rose by 1.7 % in constant euros, the median salary by 1.2 % and the last decile by 0.7 %. The relative difference in average salary between men and women decreased by 0.5 points, with women in full-time employment receiving an average salary 18.9 % lower than that of men.

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Paru le : 11/07/2007