Construction rose again in 2006

Gérard Vittek, division Comptes et études de l'industrie, Insee

Since 2004, the building industry's good health has been due above all to housing: in 2006, housing starts again exceeded the record levels of previous years. With 421,000 housing starts, 2006 has been the best year in more than 25 years. New production for non-residential buildings rose again by 8.5% in volume, after a very good year in 2005 (+ 9.6%). The maintenance-home improvements sector was supported by reduced-rate VAT and credit-access measures being maintained. Public works remained at a high level. Overall construction industry production thus grew by 3.9% in volume. For the tenth year in a row, the construction industry created salaried jobs: 54,700 jobs in 2006, an increase of + 4.0% compared to 2005. It employs more than a fifth of all temporary workers.

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Paru le : 06/07/2007