Giving to charities - Is it merely a question of standard of living?

Élise Amar et Solveig Vanovermeir, division Études sociales, Insee

Nearly 9% of households declared that they had made at least one donation to bodies providing aid to people in difficulty in 2005. The annual total given in this category of donations is lower than €85 for one household in two and lower than €40 for one household in four. A higher number of wealthy households give to charity, and the value of their donations is higher. However, the proportion of their resources spent on donations is lower than for less well-off households, particularly if we take into account the personal tax allowance offered to donating households. The proportion of donating households was only 5% in 2000 but giving has become a more common practice as a result of increasingly incentivising tax allowances: since 2000, totals have more than doubled.

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Paru le : 06/05/2008