Preliminary 2009 agriculture accounts: decline in agricultural prices, drop in income

Claire Lesdos-Cauhapé, division Agriculture, Insee

The 2009 agricultural year was marked by abundant cereal and oilseed crops and by a drop in their prices. Prices of most other agricultural crops eased as well. Livestock production decreased. Nominal agricultural production, including subsidies, was down 7.9% from 2008. Producers' expenses declined because of lower oil and animal-feed prices, but they fell less steeply than the value of output. Overall, agriculture income fell sharply after a steep decline in 2008. Agricultural employment stayed on a downtrend. Consequently, according to the estimates in the preliminary agriculture accounts for 2009, real net agricultural income per economically active person fell 20% and the net income of farming businesses per self-employed economically active person dropped 34%.

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No 1271
Paru le : 14/12/2009