2007 Mayotte population census: a fourfold increase in population in 30 years

Christophe Trouillard, Camélia Louachéni et Matthieu Morando, Antenne Insee de Mayotte

At 31 July 2007, the Collectivité Départementale de Mayotte had 186,000 inhabitants. This growth of 26,000 in five years is due entirely to natural increase: the number of births largely exceeds that of deaths, even as net migration turned negative in the same period. The population remains young, with more than one-half aged under 20. The share of the foreign population continued to rise, from 34% in 2002 to 41% in 2007. Housing conditions for low-income households are still precarious, although household-appliance ownership rates and domestic amenities are improving. The number of jobs is rising. As a result, unemployment, although still high, is being restrained.

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Paru le : 22/04/2009