The subcontracting of tasks linked to new technologies - Little use of foreign companies

Mahmoud Jlassi et Xavier Niel, division Services, Insee

In 2006, 29 % of companies with at least ten employees used external service providers for services requiring personnel specialising in information and communication technologies (ICT). This subcontracting was carried out mainly by service providers in France:only 8 % of companies which subcontracted this type of task subcontracted to companies located abroad, and 3 % to companies outside the European Union; in most of these cases the companies belonged to sectors closely linked to new technologies.Only 2 % of companies indicated difficulties recruiting ITC specialists, mainly citing a lack of qualified applicants; overly high salary requirements were cited much less frequently. The decision to subcontract is thus linked to these recruitment difficulties.

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No 1183
Paru le : 18/04/2008