Housing of Europeans aged 50 and over

Pascal Godefroy et Anne Laferrère, Insee

Six out of ten Europeans aged 50 and over live in houses rather than flats, with owner-occupancy rates of 80% and 46% respectively. The average number of rooms per senior is two. The number is higher in northern Europe, where few parents live with their children, than in southern Europe, where inter-generational coresidence is common, and in Poland, where dwellings are smaller. Nearly two-thirds of European seniors share their dwelling with a child (southern countries), live in the same building as one of their children (central European countries) or, at least, live less than 5 km. away. This proximity makes it easier to exchange services. Regardless of country, few dwellings are adapted to old-age disabilities.

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Paru le : 20/05/2009