On average, full-time paid employees worked longer than the standard 35-hour work week in 2007

Lucie Gonzalez et Anne Mansuy , division Emploi, Insee

French full-time paid employees reported working an average 1,680 hours in 212 days at their main jobs in 2007. These figures concern persons who have held the same job for at least four consecutive quarters, excluding teachers. Full-time self-employed workers report more hours and days worked than paid employees, as well as longer working days. The standard full-time work week in paid employment, absent a non-recurring event, averages 39 hours and 24 minutes distributed over 5 days. Sick leave, maternity leave, and occupational accidents combined are the second-ranking cause of the decline in working time, after paid leave and holidays. Women working full time reported working fewer hours than men in 2007, even allowing for the specific characteristics of their jobs.

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Paru le : 17/07/2009