Company websites: showcasing products and managing job offers

Xavier Niel, Mahmoud Jlassi, division Services, Insee

In January 2008, 54% of French firms with 10+ employees had a website or home page—a percentage far lower than in most other European countries. The highest proportion is found among the largest firms: 85% of enterprises with 250+ employees reported having a website. French business websites are still very weakly sales-oriented: 69% displayed a catalogue or price list (smaller companies are more likely to do so than larger ones), but only 24% allowed visitors to order or reserve products or services; 11% offered online payment, up from 4% in January. Twenty-one percent of the websites managed job offers or applications, chiefly among large enterprises, in the financial sector, and in information and communication technologies (ICTs).

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Paru le : 12/03/2009