E-administration, telecommuting, and open-source systems: selected examples of Internet use in French business firms

Mahmoud Jlassi, Xavier Niel, division Services, Insee

In January 2008, nearly all large French firms had broadband Internet access. E-administration has become reality for 72% of enterprises with 10+ employees, which use the Internet in their dealings with government to obtain information, fill in forms online, and bid for procurement contracts. For example, 57% of firms with 10-19 employees and 75% of firms with 20-249 employees fill in administrative forms via the Internet. Despite sluggish growth in the diffusion of collaborative software (groupware) such as messaging applications, telecommuting is on the rise, with 22% of firms reporting its use. The share of open-source operating systems remains very modest at 14% but is increasing slightly.

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Paru le : 12/03/2009