The declining share of books and the press in French household expenditures

Thibaut de Saint Pol, division conditions de vie des ménages et François Marical, division études sociales, Insee

The share of books, magazines, and newspapers in French household expenditures has been falling since the early 1990s. The decline of the press is linked to the behaviour of younger consumers, who devote an ever-smaller percentage of their budget to it. Meanwhile, the proportion of household spending on books is declining in all birth cohorts. These patterns have not altered the differences between socio-occupational categories. The share of expenditures devoted to the press is identical in all social categories, whereas the share of spending on books is highly variable. A household in the “managers/professionals” category spends 70% more than the average on books, a working-class household 30% less. Region, gender, and education influence expenditures on books, magazines, and newspapers; social origin also plays a role.

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No 1253
Paru le : 06/08/2009