Daily mobility of local inhabitants is decreasing in large agglomerations and increasing elsewhere

Jean-Paul Hubert, Université de Paris-Est, Inrets-DEST et division conditions de vie des ménages, Insee

Average local mobility in metropolitan France exhibited little change between 1994 and 2008. But this overall stability is misleading, for large agglomerations and rural or weakly urbanised areas display the opposite trend. In large agglomerations, working persons and students travelled less often and for shorter periods on a daily basis in 2008 than in 1994. A higher proportion now commute only once a day to their place of work or study, without engaging in other activities outside the home. In areas other than large agglomerations, local residents make increasingly longer journeys between their homes and activity locations, particularly their workplaces or shopping locations. Households make greater use of their cars, and their car ownership rate has risen since 1994.

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