2007 census in French Polynesia: population growth has been slowing since 2002

Charly Bodet et Xavier Monchois, Institut de la statistique de la Polynésie française

According to the census, French Polynesia had 260,000 inhabitants on 20 August 2007. The population growth of 15,000 since 2002 is solely due to natural increase, with births outnumbering deaths. Over the five-year period, the migration deficit came to about 1,000 persons. Fertility and mortality rates have eased and population growth is still slowing. The activity rate has been falling since 2002 and the unemployment rate (census definition) is holding steady at 11.7%. Despite the rise in educational attainment, the number of economically inactive people remains high. Average household size is decreasing and the comfort level of dwellings is improving.

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