Market services in 2007: services to companies falter, personal and domestic services recover

Marie Élisabeth Hassan, Mahmoud Jlassi, Marie-Dominique Minne, division Services, Insee

The market services sector experienced a slowdown in 2007, with 2.6% growth in volume. Services to companies did not grow as quickly as before, but were still the main source of growth for market services, increasing by 2.9% in volume compared with 4.5% in 2006. Services connected with information and communication technologies continued to make a marked contribution, while telecommunications services slowed. Personal and domestic services benefited from an increase in household purchasing power and had a new impetus, growing by 1.8% in volume in 2007, compared with 0.5% in 2005. The financial turbulence created by the subprime mortgage crisis held real-estate promotion and management services back, yet did not paralyse them. They grew much more slowly than in 2006 (0.5 %, compared with 5.9%), in a general context of property prices levelling off.

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Paru le : 19/06/2008