Inter-vivos intergenerational transfers: aid and donations

Marie Cordier, Cédric Houdré, Henri Ruiz, division Revenus et patrimoine des ménages, Insee

There are two types of inter-vivos transfers in France: donations and aid. At the beginning of 2004, more than one household in eight had already made a donation to their children and nearly one in two had given them financial aid. Income level, educational level, family size and social category are all discriminants in these transfer practices. Self-employed people are more likely to make donations than salaried employees, and mainly use them to transfer their work tools, while transfers by salaried employees are more likely to involve housing and money. Whether through financial aid or by providing a place to live, 60 % of households that had helped their children had done so during their studies.

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No 1127
Paru le : 16/03/2007