Employment's four seasons - Music to students' ears

Magali Beffy, division Emploi et Élise Coudin, section Synthèse et conjoncture de l'emploi, Insee

Employment, unemployment and inactivity are all subject to seasonal variations which are seen year after year. Employment is always at is lowest during the first quarter and at its highest during the third. Unemployment reaches its lowest level during spring, the season during which unemployed people most frequently find a job. Inactive people are most likely to find a job during the summer. People are most likely to find themselves unemployed or inactive during the autumn season. As regards "summer jobs", students respond to a peak in company demand, particularly in the tertiary sector, which for the most part explains the summer employment boom. During the summer, three in ten of the unemployed or inactive people that find jobs are students. On the other hand, for young people finishing their studies the search for their first real job is spread across the entire year. With the exception of young people in the middle of or coming to the end of their studies, the choice to enter the labour market does not offer these seasonal peaks.

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Paru le : 24/01/2007