Hotels and campsites in 2006: a good year for the high-end

Marie-Anne Le Garrec, direction du Tourisme

After a good year in 2005, in 2006 tourist numbers held steady for hotels and increased noticeably for campsites. In hotels, the number of nights spent was close to the 2005 level. Occupancy rates for French hotels increased thanks to business customers, while occupancy rates fell slightly for foreign tourists. High-end hotels recorded the best results in 2006, for both occupancy rates and the number of nights stayed. This sector of the market continues to expand. 2006 was a good season for the outdoor trade, with a rise in nights stayed of 2.5 % compared to 2005. Like the previous year, sites equipped with simple accommodation facilities were more popular than sites with no facilities, and occupancy rates rose for high-end campsites. The Ile-de-France region attracted a significant number of French business customers in the second half of the year. The Aquitaine and Pays de la Loire regions recorded an excellent 2006 season for both hotels and campsites.

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Paru le : 09/03/2007