Population trends in France - Looking ahead to 2050 - An increasing and ageing population

Isabelle Robert-Bobée, Insee

If recent demographic trends continue, France's population will reach 70 million by 1 January 2050, 9.3 million more than in 2005. Total population will increase continuously during this period, but the rate of growth will decrease over time. One in three inhabitants will be aged at least 60 in 2050, compared with one in five in 2005. The proportion of both young people and the economically active will decrease. For every 100 inhabitants aged between 20 and 59 in 2050, there will be 69 inhabitants aged at least 60, double the 2005 ratio. Such trends, which are based on accepted assumptions, may change over time, but there is no doubt that an ageing population is inevitable.

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No 1089
Paru le : 07/07/2006