Market services hold firm in 2005

Luc Brière, Evelyne Duclos, Colette Héricher, Mustapha Okham, Isabelle Raton

The rate at which production grew across the whole economy slowed down in 2005 (up by 1.2% compared with an increase of 2.5% in 2004). In the market services sector, however, production maintained a similar rate of growth to that of 2004 (up by 2.2 % compared with an increase of 2.3% in 2004). An increase in demand from both companies and households has helped the telecommunications industry, IT services and consultancy industries to maintain a healthy position. Sufficient demand has sustained the property market. On the other hand, services aimed at the general public, especially personal services (particularly hairdressing and beauty treatment) have displayed less dynamic growth (up by just 1.2%). The tourist trade, however, is picking up, benefiting both the hotel industry and travel agents. An increase in temporary work is contributing to an employment revival within business service providers, even if the number of hours worked is not increasing as rapidly as the rate at which new jobs are created. The number of jobs created in the market services sector in 2005 is double that of 2004 (74,000 compared with 34,000).

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Paru le : 03/07/2006