Used property prices continue to rise in 2005

Beauvois Martine, Insee

The property market showed no real signs of waning during 2005. Prices continued to rise steadily in Ile-de-France (up by 14.8 %) and the provinces (up by 14 %), representing an increase of 14.3 % in France as a whole, its second biggest since 1998. This trend is reflected across all types of property, although apartment prices continue to rise more quickly than house prices. The number of property sales was similar to that of 2004. In Paris, prices to date have easily outstripped 1991 levels (up by 17 % in constant euros). Prices across the capital have more than doubled since they started to rise again in 1998. Property price increases can be observed in other, but not all, European countries.

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Paru le : 02/06/2006