Two out of ten higher education students have a job - for half of these it is connected with their studies

Élise Coudin, cellule Synthèse et conjoncture de l’emploi et Chloé Tavan, division Redistribution et politiques sociales

On average over 2004-2006, 2.1m young people were in higher education and 19.2% worked at the same time. Half of the students who worked had a job connected with their studies (internships, apprenticeship) or which was very closely related (so called “starter jobs”). A third of them held down a regular job throughout the year which had no connection with their level of qualification or area of study. These jobs were qualified as interim jobs, jobs for extra income or for competitors, depending on the working conditions. As students become older and more independent these jobs are increasingly frequent. Finally, 20% of students who work have a casual job, especially during the summer holidays.

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