More young people and low-income households overestimate their housing comfort

Yves Jauneau, Solveig Vanovermeir, division Études sociales, Insee

The number of households which say they are satisfied with their housing conditions has risen over the last thirty or so years. However, in 2006, 14% of dwellings could be considered uncomfortable, either because they have several major defects (damp, poor isolation, etc.), or because they are overcrowded. More low-income and immigrant households and large families live in uncomfortable dwellings. The feeling of discomfort and actual lack of dwelling comfort may not always be the same thing. 10% of households live in an uncomfortable dwelling but declare themselves satisfied. They are usually young or low-income households. Furthermore, 3% of households live in dwellings with few defects which are not overcrowded but are not satisfied. The immediate environment of these dwellings is often rundown (insecurity and noise pollution, for example).

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No 1209
Paru le : 26/09/2008