A snapshot of the labour market in 2007 - Results of the 2007 Employment survey

François Chevalier, Isabelle Macario-Rat, Anne Mansuy, division Emploi, Insee

On average in 2007, 25.6m people had a job and 2.2m were unemployed, according to the ILO definition; 90% of those in work were salaried. Within companies, 12% of employees had held the same post for more than one year. The sectors where the labour force renewal was the most marked were construction and personal and domestic services. On average, full-time workers work between 38 hours, for manual workers, and nearly 59 hours, for farmers. Women, especially manual workers, were still more exposed to unemployment than men. 38% of those unemployed for more than two years were over 50.

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Paru le : 06/08/2008