Old age mortality: continuing disparities according to qualifications and social category

Isabelle Robert-Bobée et Olivier Cadot, Insee

Under mortality conditions for the 2000-2002 period, women aged 86 and qualified to Baccalauréat level or above could on average expect to live a further 7.1 years, compared with 6.1 years for women without such a qualification. For men, remaining lifespan is lower than for women, but as for women it is longer for the better qualified: 5.2 years at 86 years old for the better qualified males compared with 4.5 years for those without a further education qualification. For both sexes then, the better qualified 86-year-olds can expect to live 20% longer than their less qualified counterparts. Differences according to qualification and social category disappear with age, and no longer exist among men and women aged 94 or over.

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Paru le : 14/02/2007