The manufacturing industry in 2005 - Stagnation despite world economic growth

Céline Thévenot, Insee

During 2005, the French manufacturing industry marked time. It increased by an annual average of 0.3%, following 2.0% in 2004: the economic recovery that had been on the horizon since mid-2003 did not materialise during the year. In the context of dynamic world growth, exports of manufactured products did not fully profit from the slight economic upturn. On the other hand, imports of manufactured products greatly increased. Sales of French manufactured goods on the domestic market fell and the French manufacturing industry lost ground to foreign competition. Another consequence of world growth was that energy and raw material prices increased. However, the impact on industrial prices was moderate. At the start of 2006, industrial production was revived as exports began to quickly increase again at a high growth rate under the influence of the German economic recovery and the general increase in external demand.

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No 1097
Paru le : 18/08/2006