A very high business start-up rate in 2007

Sergine Tellier division Administration du répertoire Sirene et démographie des entreprises, Insee

In 2007, 321,000 businesses were started, amounting to a strong increase of 13% on 2006. The number of unemployed workers receiving the ACCRE benefit (assistance for job-seekers starting or restarting a business) rose strongly in 2007 (up 42% over the first eleven months of the year); numbers are nearly four times higher than in 2002. 87% of new businesses were started with no employees. Business start-ups are increasing in all business sectors. This dynamism is most marked in distance sales, paramedical professions, businesses linked to personal health and well-being, road transport, taxis and businesses specialising in recovering recyclable materials. Meanwhile, there was a marked slowdown in the growth of the housing market (+3%). Business start-ups are on the rise in all regions. Nevertheless, the renewal of the productive fabric is clearest in southern and eastern regions of France, where start-up rates are highest. Business start-ups in the form of companies were up by 16% on 2006: in 2007, half of new businesses were companies.

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Paru le : 22/01/2008