Provisional agricultural accounts for 2007 - Cereal prices soar and agricultural income increases

Claire Lesdos-Cauhapé, division Agriculture, Insee

In 2007, the value of agricultural production was boosted by the rapid rise in cereal and oil protein crop prices. However, growers' expenses rose because of these price rises, which led to a rise in the price of animal feed. Overall, income in the agricultural sector increased significantly, but the situation varies greatly from business to business with, particularly, high rises in income for cereal producers but decreasing income for livestock farmers. Agricultural employment continues to fall. Indeed, according to the estimates in the provisional agricultural account, the net farm result per worker is set to increase by approximately 8% in real terms in 2007, and the net farm business income per unsalaried worker by 12%

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No 1168
Paru le : 18/12/2007