Career-long training: the workplace environment is a decisive factor

Cécile Brousse (Insee), Coralie Perez (Centre d’Économie de la Sorbonne-Céreq), Patrick Pommier (Dares)

In 2006, 44% of paid employees in metropolitan France reported having attended one or more training courses in the previous 12 months, whether for occupational or personal reasons. Typically, employees enrolled on the employer’s initiative. On average, public-sector employees access training more often (53%) than their private-sector colleagues (41%). In the private sector, access is proportional to company size. The self-employed (28%) and the unemployed (32%) attend training sessions, but far less often than paid employees. Among the latter, the prime beneficiaries are managers; among the self-employed, the leading category consists of professionals (six times out of ten). One-quarter of the active population in employment would have liked to enrol in a training program, but were not offered the opportunity. Paradoxically, the persons who have received the most training are those who report having been the most deprived of it.

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Paru le : 06/05/2009