Annual census surveys, 2004-2007: youth education and employment in French regions

Magali Beffy (Depp), Élodie Leprévost (Depp), Daniel Martinelli (Insee)

Young people’s educational attainment significantly exceeded that of their elders in all French regions in 2005. Yet sharp regional disparities persist. In Brittany, only 11% of the 25-34s were drop-outs versus 58% in French Guiana. In the Paris region, 33% of young people in that age group were graduates of “long” higher-education programs, versus fewer than 14% in the overseas départements (DOMs), Champagne-Ardenne, Basse-Normandie, and Bourgogne (Burgundy). In nearly all metropolitan French regions, three-quarters of higher-education graduates aged 25-34 worked in intermediate occupations or management-level positions. Despite their higher educational attainment, young women are more often unemployed than their male counterparts, particularly in the DOMs and Corsica.

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